Sunday, May 22, 2011

Featured Professional - D. Brown Photos (Photographer)

An Exclusive Interview with one of the
Industry's most sought out Photographers
D. Brown Photos of Austin, TX.

 The Alternative Photo Experience

Written by:  Pencil & Pen

A creative man of very few words, but many visual talents.  D. Brown (of D. Brown Photos) took a minute to breakdown how he took a passion and turned it into a sexy success.

So we hear that you are "THE MAN" when it comes to photography. What have you done to earn that type of accolade?
-Just maintained my passion for it since day one.

What made you choose photography, design and just the arts as a field in general? Were you always into capturing things visually?
-I've always loved art. Photography kinda fell in my lap by chance. I was in the Navy, stationed in Hawaii and I purchased a camera, just so I can have pictures to send back home to family. The minute I took my first picture, I fell in love.

When did you realize you wanted to turn your talent into a business?
-I realize that I was tired of doing my desk job, day dreaming about being a full time photographer.  So I just stepped out on a limb one day and I've been doing my photography full time for about 2 years now.
What steps did you take in doing this?
-I did photography as a part time business, while working full time. I wanted to make a name for myself before I took it up fulltime. 

You call your photography "The Alternative Photo Experience", what does that mean?
-When I first took it up as a business, I wasn't that great at it.  [But] my images had an edge to it that was pretty much alternative to a lot of photographers.
What makes it an "experience" as oppose to a regular photo shoot?
-They walk away feeling good about the shoot.

We have to commend you on your "What Is Sexy" series. It is very mature, refreshing, artistic and extremely sexy! What’s the motivation behind it?
-I love urban modeling. Even though there is alot of great urban photography, it can get a little cookie cutter at times. I wanted to add a little artistic twist to it.

How have you decided who makes a perfect candidate for the series?
-Being sexy helps out alot. I would do a test shoot to see if they have what it takes to model for "What Is Sexy?"

Who are some of the models that have been honored to be a part of the series?
-I [have] worked with Tiara from, Deeca from Florida, Laura from Texas. I've worked with alot of models from across the country.

If someone wanted to utilize your services, how can they contact you?
- They can contact me at: or

Images by:  D. Brown Photos