Thursday, May 26, 2011

Industry Insider

New Models 

Working in the modeling industry you can easily come across very highly strung people who might not have the best social skills. If you are new to the modeling scene you can also get treated as a newbie in any industry would. Try not to take offense too easily. You need to have a hard skin for this business and acting with dignity and professionalism will see that you go much further in your career path.

Working with the Photographer 

The photographer on any shoot will have a lot of stress to deal with. They are responsible for the account and if they fail, everyone else does too. They are working against time to get as many good shots as possible into one day. If you have an outdoor shoot, he or she will also have the light against them and your day will be shorter and therefore more stressful. To make the photographers life easier, always be ready to give your utmost to the camera, take direction properly and easily, don't talk back or argue unless very urgent, and don't complain. Getting on the good side of the photographer is your number one priority and will help you get more work in the future. Photographers will ask for you again if they enjoyed working with you.

Working with the Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylist

These are the people in charge of your look for the shoot. They have been given instructions on how to make your hair, how dark your make up should be and what your overall image must portray. Don't assume that they are going to make you look like a princess. Your shoot might require you to have a gothic style with dark lips and eye, and wildly streaked hair. It is not your place to argue about your look, so don't. If you don't like what they have done it is not really important. What the client wants is the important thing, so as harsh as it seems, just live with anything the make up and hair stylists do unless it is something drastic like wanting to cut your hair. You must be asked before the time if you object to having your hair cut or dyed.

Working with the Designer

On a shoot or at a fashion show, you will need to be the designers display. He or she will want to fit the clothing on you until it is draped and hangs perfectly. This may take some patience on your part, so be prepared to stand around and have people measure, tug and pin outfits on you. Designers are quite renowned for their melodramatic behavior, so you need to learn to take it with a pinch of salt. You must not be disrespectful, but at the same time learn to demand respect in a nice way. Making a friend or forming some kind of connection with a designer can help to ease the stress and give you a more relaxed working relationship, but if it is your first time with a designer, just do what they ask you to do and try your best to impress them.

When you have to work with all of the other modeling industry professionals you will soon see that the modeling arena is not all about the models. You have to be professional and do your job just like everyone else. This said, you must also demand respect from the photographers, make up artists, designers and directors. They are using your services to their benefit, so don't let anyone walk all over you. You will not get anywhere in the modeling world if you do that. Having a professional, clean, and well rounded portfolio will soon catch the attention of the international modeling circuit where you can eventually be seen as a super model and work for the biggest fashion houses and name brands in the world.