Thursday, May 26, 2011

Featured Professional - VXN Studios (Photographer)

An Exclusive Interview with the
once full-time Model, now full-time Photographer
Kaylana Reese of VXN Studios of Orlando, FL.

Written by:  Pencil & Pen
Something has to be said, when you have a Photographer who has the drop-dead beauty of any model.  Kaylana Reese, has been able to take her experiences in front of the camera, and turn them into a beautiful business.  Based in Orlando, FL, Kaylana has made VXN Studios one of the most in-demand photo studios.  It could be a little intimidating for some models, but what better opportunity could a model have...  they would be getting the best from one of the best!

How did you get started in Photography?  Did you have formal Training or Self-Taught?
-As a model, I wanted to set myself apart from the competition in the glamour world. I also wanted to be able to change up my style without having to shoot with multiple photographers. I wanted something different. After not getting consistent results from the photographers I worked with, I decided to take
matters into my own hands.  I am self taught. I learned by asking questions of the photographers I worked with. Did a little reading and during every photoshoot I learn something new.

Some say, “it’s all in the name”.  So what is the meaning behind the name ‘VXN Studios’?
-I chose VXN because by definition Vixen means a female fox. literally. It is also taken as a fine female (winks).  I’ve also had emails with the word “vixen” in it so it almost seems appropriate. Because I want to also work with modeling agencies and possibly in the wedding industry, I wanted to find a more acceptable name than Vixen... so VXN Studios was born.

Photography is broken down into different genres.  What would you say is your favorite?
-I love all genres but I’d have to say fashion is my favorite. Not catalogue type fashion, but the type of fashion one might see for a Gucci or D&G Ad. Sharp, sophisticated, and sexy.

Where would you say your creativity comes from?
-That’s a hard question. I definitely think it comes from within to be able to execute the ideas, but I draw my inspiration from magazines and various websites. If I see a picture I like, I’ll grab it.

Is VXN Studios a one woman operation or is there a Team behind the success?
-I do have an assistant that takes and makes phone calls. From time to time she may assist with getting things I need during a shoot, but ultimately this is a one woman show. I do all the makeup, styling, photography, and editing associated with my photos.

What services does VXN Studios offer?
-Wardrobe styling, Makeup artistry both for our shoots and freelance, photo retouching, graphic design, and website design. The website design is a team effort between VXN Studios and an independent programmer.

What has been the most difficult part about making VXN Studios successful? -I would have to say the most difficult part is the almost instant acceleration in the flow of clients. I am not complaining. I love it, however I have to balance my photography with my modeling that is still very active. I give each client my undivided attention when planning a shoot or coming up with a concept and it takes time. I want each client to feel that their photos with VXN is the best they’ve ever had.

If you could have a photo shoot with any celebrity, who & why?
-I would have to say it would be the President (LOL).  Is he considered a celebrity? I’d want to shoot the President, because it’s a prestigious privilege. How many people get to sit the President down for a shoot?

Let’s clear the air... there is a difference between a quality photographer who captures the essence of the image and then there is the Photoshop photographer, who only can create images based off computer-assisted enhancements.  What is your take on this?
-I think that a photographer that doesn’t depend on Photoshop is able to create different images easier than a “Photoshop photographer”. The more that is understood about lighting techniques and angles, the less time is spent in Photoshop.

So what can we expect from VXN Studios in the upcoming year?
-I will be focusing on getting more published work in various markets. Once I set my mind to something,
I achieve it.

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