Thursday, May 26, 2011

Featured Professional - Kissable Lips Cosmetics (MUA)

An Exclusive Interview with the
extrordinary and talented
Michelle C of Kissable Lips Cosmetics of Atlanta, GA.

Written by:  GF Smith
Michelle C. is a singer/songwriter and a poet.  So being an artist is already a natural gift, which makes it easier for her to translate her skills to make-up artistry.  But unlike some of us artists, she doesn’t slip from the grind for a second.  She manages her own store all seven days of the week.  So if you want to hear Michelle singing, more than likely you’ll need to find your way to Kissable Lips Cosmetics store where she manages her employees daily, and does it all with a kiss. 

You have a Staff, what do they all do?
-They’re all freelance Make-Up Artists.

So depending on the size of a job, do you contract out?
-Oh no, we’re a cosmetic retail store. They come to us.

So you have a store... we thought you were doing on location for photo shoots?
-Well, we do that as well... and if they wanna book us for weddings or whatever, they do it through our website. But our main source of business comes through the store.

So anybody in the world can walk into Kissable Lips and get themselves done?
-If they like our work, yeah.

Where is the store located?

-We’re currently located in Union City, GA, but we’re about to Move to Riverdale, GA.

Ok, and Atlanta is home for you?
-Well, I’m from Los Angeles, but I been down here long enough to call it home.

Do you have any motivations to expand your store further, maybe beyond Atlanta?
-Well, we’re going to do the Franchise thing, as opposed to doing a chain. It’s just easier for one person trying to run the store.

Are you in the process of doing that?
-Yeah... we’re getting ready to (start) advertising for it, but as of yet, it’s still in the beginning stages.

Who is ‘we’? You have a partner?
-No (LOL), that’s just the way I talk. I’m the sole proprietor.

And you are open 7 days a week? So you’re at work everyday?
-Oh yeah... either I’m at a shoot or I’m in the store.

How does your boyfriend feel about that?
-Well, I don’t have one, so I don’t have to worry about that?

Is that cause you work seven days a week?
-I don’t believe so. Whoever is supposed to find me will eventually.

Gotcha... you ever meet anyone in the industry you were attracted to?
-When it comes to business that’s what it is. If there’s someone I’m working for, it’s strictly professional.

So you come out of the shop to do shoots, are you looking to break into the movie industry or something like that?
-Of course. I’ve done videos.

Any videos we might know?
-Murphy Lee “What the Hook Gon’ Be” might be the only one you know.

So what motivated you to do this?

-I always wanted to do something in the entertainment field, and I’ve always been artistic as far as drawing and stuff like that.

But was the motivation always to run your own business?

-No... originally I was working for other people, but that got to be a headache, so...

So did you get into this from just knowing people?
-Well it depends on what route you want to go. I went and got my licensing, because you have to be licensed to do all the services I offer.

Ok. You all have the new store in Riverdale... are you all looking to upgrade to Lenox next?
-Oh no... there’s too much traffic with that.

But isn’t Lenox where the “ballers” go to shop?
-Not necessarily. They got plenty of people who come our way looking for quality at good cost.

So you all are pretty affordable then?

-Oh definitely, very affordable.

Is Kissable Lips pretty much running off of momentum of your brand or is there a lot of Networking involved?
-Oh yeah... we do have a lot of word of mouth, but we do a lot of radio advertising and some magazine advertisements too.

And what is the website you mentioned earlier, about booking for shoots? and